Lobby & Warehouse

Our recently renovated lobby and warehouse offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, and from the moment you arrive, we are committed to ensuring your visit is nothing short of exceptional. The one-of-a-kind redesign positions Granite Works as Northeast Ohio’s destination facility in the home remodel space. Inside our 55,000 square feet climate-controlled warehouse we stock over 1,000 slabs of natural and engineered stone.

Adjacent to our inventory you will see and hear highly skilled craftsmen fabricating precious stone, state of the art machinery aiding project design, full scale displays, and luxurious workspaces that will change the way contractors, builders and interior designers work with their clientele.

Design Workspace

Embrace the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment that caters to your unique needs and fuels your creative spirit. Welcome to our design focused workspace! We realize that our lobby or the local coffee shop isn’t always the best place to conduct business, so we created a space just for you.

To ensure you have the tools and setting you need, the room is equipped with high-speed internet, a TV with streaming and airdrop capabilities, large conference table and chairs, a refrigerator with refreshments and tasteful aesthetics. By reserving a time in the below scheduler, you can experience this incredible workspace for free, allowing you to network, exchange ideas, and find inspiration from customers and fellow industry colleagues.

Technology & Equipment

At Granite Works we embrace innovation and lean into technology to help revolutionize the stone industry. With our advanced equipment, we can precisely cut, shape, and polish stones with unparalleled precision and speed. This allows us to offer our customer exquisite stone products of exceptional quality. Our use of technology also enables us to provide customized solutions catering to all design preferences and specifications.