Kid-Friendly Stone Countertops

Back to School with Granite Works Stone Design


It’s that time of the year again when the hustle and bustle of packing lunches, getting the kids to school on time and making sure they get their homework done, is in full force! For the modern family, time is spread thin with before and after school activities; you may find yourself Googling “life hacks”.

We aren’t Google but we are here to help make your day-to-day a little easier when it comes to your home. In our industry, we get asked about kid-friendly surfaces a lot, because let’s face it, kids are messy! The less daily maintenance around the house allows for more family time and relaxation. If you are looking to change things up in your kitchen or bathroom, we rounded up our top three questions when it comes to kids and countertops.

1. What stone is the most durable and low maintenance?

If you prefer a natural stone, one of the most durable and low maintenance is granite. It is non-porous, heat resistant, comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for indoor and outdoor space. Based on use, it is suggested to reseal once a year.

Another natural stone that you (and your kids) will enjoy is soapstone. Comprised of mainly talc, this stone has a high resistance to acids and chemicals while also being heat absorbent. The color selection is less diverse than granite; usually found in black with gray, blue or green tones. While it is a softer stone making it prone to scratching, getting a scratch out only requires some mineral oil and light buffing with a non-abrasive scrub sponge.

If natural stone isn’t your style, quartz is an excellent engineered stone option because it is just as durable but doesn’t require resealing. Although quartz is only heat resistant up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the surface is stain resistant and scratch resistant which is great for kids doing projects or trying their hand at cooking.

2. What cleaning products are best for stone countertops?

There are multiple stone cleaning products on the market specifically made for the type of stone you have. We always advise to stay away from products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids that can breakdown and ruin the surface. You can never go wrong with Bar Keepers Friend or some mild dish soap and warm water! For a more extensive cleaning guide read more here.

3. Kids are always using different coloring supplies and markers. What is recommended for removing marker from countertops?

On light colored stone, we recommend using hydrogen peroxide as quickly as possible. Once you wipe that away, you can use some Bar Keepers Friend or Comet to continue to buff out the mark. On a dark colored stone, acetone can be used then flushed out with mild dish soap and water. Using hydrogen peroxide or acetone will dull the surface so be sure to reseal your natural stone after cleaning.

Now that you know about low maintenance, kid-friendly countertop options, get the kids off to school and let the remodel begin!

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